"The day we choose love, nature, and each other over money, medication, and low quality food is the day we start to save the world."



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Robin-Hooding Healthcare Back to the Masses


The Health Assurance Movement is a nonprofit led by Dr. Brad Campbell. Together with your participation, we're creating a cultural shift away from medication and "profit-over-people", and toward self-love, self-awareness, self-care, supplementation, and natural healing as a way of life for everyone.

We all need clarity, confidence and assurance in the state of our health (instead of only being medically insured in case of a crisis.) The Health Assurance Movement gives you that. It's your roadmap and community for free self-help health information and tools.

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Dr. Brad Campbell

The modern-day Robin Hood of healthcare

Dr. Brad Campbell is the founder of the Health Assurance Movement. He also runs an integrated medical practice in Wilmette, IL— Integrated Holistic Healthcare. Brad is currently completing 10 degrees, making him one of the most educated natural healthcare practitioners in the world. He is passionately giving back that education to everyone through the free resources on this website.

What's Inside...

Health Quizzes & Self Care

Easily assess your health and get holistic self-care guides to forge a new path of vitality!

Injection Resources

Information, resources, and videos of Dr. Campbell on current events, so you can have truly informed consent.

Community Forum

Connect with others in the community to discuss important health topics and concerns.


Quizzes & Self-Care Guides

Get assurance on the state of your health


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Be abnormally healthy, because "normal" just isn't cutting it...

If you’re looking to take your health into your own hands and make changes that will forever brighten the course of your remaining years on this planet... we think you’ll like it here. This is a FREE self-help health platform that anyone can access and benefit from.

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